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CAP Automatic Units

This range of automatic polymer preparation and dosing equipment has been designed for use with our range of sludge dewatering equipment.

The automatic units are suitable for applications where the polyelectrolyte must be fed on a continuous basis with accurate control of dilution and ageing.

Polyelectrolyte is mixed with a controlled volume of water and enters the dilution tank where it is mixed using a 45° three bladed mechanical stirrer. It then passes to the dispersion tank where it is further mixed before passing into the ageing and storage tank.

Polyelectrolyte solution is withdrawn from this tank by dosing pump (optional). The concentration of the solution can be controlled by adjusting either the water flow rate or the polyelectrolyte input rate.

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic powder fed and emulsion fed units available.
  • All metallic parts manufactured from AISI304 Stainless steel.
  • Patented design with CE marking.
  • Capacity up to 60 litres per hour.
  • Controlled mixing to limit polyelectrolyte consumption.

A full range of Teknofanghi equipment is available


CAP Automatic Emulsion Polymer Preparation Unit.


Polymer preparation video:


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Polymer Preparation Unit Information Sheet