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Dirty Water Pump Stations

Fully automatic packaged dirty water pump station, either single or dual pumps, pre-assembled in a high quality GRP chamber. A range of sizes available to suit your specific inlet depth and required 24 hour storage capacity.

Ideal for pumping treated effluent from sewage treatment plants and septic tanks, surface water, rainwater or any slightly polluted water.

As the level of the liquid rises in the chamber the integral floats on the pumps are activated and, as the floats are factory set at the same level, both pumps start and pump the liquid out of the chamber until the pump floats drop and the pumps turn off.

The level of the liquid will again rise and the above sequence is repeated. As both pumps are activated each time this ensures equal wear to both pumps.

If both pumps fail to pump, the liquid level will rise to activate the high level float and the high level alarm light will be illuminated.

Features and Benefits

  • Pump chambers are made from high quality Glass Reinforced Plastic.
  • Single phase and three phase pumps available.
  • High level alarm included.
  • Pre-assembled unit ready for immediate installation into the ground.
  • Low maintenance costs, servicing once a year.
  • Custom made units available upon request.

A full range of pump stations are available


Dual Dirty Water Pump Station. Illustration not drawn to scale


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Dirty Water Pump Stations Information Sheet