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Large Sewage Treatment Plant

The Allerton Maxi 35-180 person sewage treatment plant is a trickling filter type packaged system for domestic and commercial sewage treatment, designed to be used in conjunction with a primary tank. The unit is manufactured from high quality glass fibre and has a sludge recirculation pump to return and secondary sludges into the primary tank to make desludging easier.

It is ideal for medium sized developments and commercial situations including hotels, public houses and golf clubhouses.The treated effluent can be discharged into a ditch or watercourse with a permit from the Environment Agency.

Raw sewage enters the primary tank where the heavy solids settle out. Settled sewage then flows by gravity from the Primary Tank into the baffle zone where the irrigation pump sprays the effluent over the media through the distributor. The effluent is recycled many times through the media to achieve the necessary standard. Eventually, the effluent is allowed to settle in the final settlement zone from where it is discharged at a standard to satisfy the Environment Agency.

The Secondary Sludge Return Pump periodically removes any settled sludge and returns it back to the Primary Tank, where it is stored until removed by tanker.

Features and Benefits

  • Produces high quality effluent 20mg/l BOD5, 30mg/l Suspended Solids.
  • Optional sample chamber or final effluent pump station, if required.
  • Awarded a British Board of Agrément Certification.
  • Simple desludging and maintenance.
  • 3 year warranty on all working parts.

A full range of sewage treatment plants are available


Allerton Maxi sewage treatment plant. Illustration not drawn to scale


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35 to 180 Person Sewage Treatment Plant Information Sheet