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Monobelt Sludge Belt Press

The Monobelt® sludge belt press is a dual sludge dewatering unit comprising a pre-thickener and a sludge press. The pre-thickener takes sludge solids concentration from 0.5-3% up to 5-12% for biological sludge and 18% for mineral sludge. This dynamic thickener comprises an Archimedean screw and a cloth covering the screw to form a completely integrated drum. The sludge press has a unique endless belt with a completely spliced joint with no zippers or clips.

As a result the unit produces a dryer cake than traditional equipment using the same width of cloth and achieves a higher sludge throughput.

The sludge press takes pre-thickened sludge and spreads it evenly onto the main filter cloth via a series of baffles. Final dewatering occurs as the sludge cake passes between the perforated cylinder, which is covered with the secondary cloth and the main cloth.

The alignment and tension of the belt are controlled from the main control panel using pistons and pneumatic actuators. The machine operation is monitored by sensors which halt the operation in the event of a malfunction. The control panel provides fully automatic operation.

Features and Benefits

  • Combination pre-thickener and belt filter press making dewatering of sludges with a low input DS possible.
  • Input solids of 0.5-3% DS dewatered to 18-30% DS.
  • Continuous belt with extended belt life in excess of five years.
  • Coated carbon steel rollers provide a higher pressure therefore higher DS.
  • Simple to maintain, belt can be changed within two hours.
  • No special foundations required.

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Monobelt Sludge Belt Press. Final pressed cake falling into screw conveyor.


Monobelt Sludge Belt Press video:


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