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Scrudrain Sludge Thickener

The Scrudrain® sludge thickener is a standalone sludge dewatering unit which is also incorporated into the Monobelt® sludge belt press. It has the advantage over conventional thickeners of having an Archimedean screw with a polyester filter cloth attached to it to form a drum with an internal screw. The rotation of the drum is achieved using an adjustable geared motor.

This design enables easy and simple control of the sludge dewatering process by adjusting the rotating speed to achieve optimal dewatering time and sludge thickness.

It also minimises the use of polyelectrolyte according to requirements. The filter cloth is cleaned using high pressure wash water.

The filter cloth has a long life because it is not under tensile stress. Scrudrain® sludge thickeners are supplied complete with control panel, washing pump, all ancillary items and are factory tested in order to minimise installation time.

Features and Benefits

  • Variable rotation speed to control the concentration of the thickened sludge.
  • Sludge with 0.5-3% DS can be thickened to 5-15% DS.
  • High quality units, manufactured from ANSI304 stainless steel.
  • Low polyelectrolyte consumption.
  • Can thicken up to 60m³ of sludge per hour.
  • Supplied complete with washing pump and control panel, factory tested and ready to run.

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Scrudrain Sludge Thickener. Thickened sludge leaving the unit.


Scrudrain Sludge Thickener video:


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