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Septic Tank Conversion Unit

Septic Tank today,
Treatment Plant tomorrow

If you have an existing septic tank that is in good working order, we can convert it into a fully functional sewage treatment plant using the Allerton ConSept septic tank conversion unit.

The ConSept is a custom made conversion unit that has been designed to fit completely within the existing septic tank.

The treated effluent can be discharged direct to a ditch or watercourse ( a permit is required from the Environment Agency), or into the existing soakaway. If the existing soakaway is failing, the ConSept has the added benefit of increasing the soakaway life because the effluent that is discharged is cleaner and has fewer solids within it.

The ConSept is an aerobic treatment system and the bubbling air encourages the growth of aerobic bacteria. The area at the centre of the ConSept is the settlement zone. This quiet area allows fine solids to settle before the final treated effluent is discharged via the sample chamber to the ditch or soakaway.

Features and Benefits

  • Quick and economical to install with no excavating required to avoid disturbance to lawns and established garden areas.
  • Fits within existing septic tank so cannot be seen or heard.
  • Low running costs, easy to service and maintain.
  • Installation and commissioning included in package price.

A full range of sewage treatment plants are available


Allerton ConSept Septic Tank Conversion Unit in a GRP type septic tank (top), and traditional brick built septic tank (bottom).
Illustration not drawn to scale


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Alternatively, click on the link below to download our information sheet:

Septic Tank Conversion Unit Information Sheet