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Teknobag Draimad Sack Filter

The Teknobag® Draimad® sludge dewatering system dewaters and bags sludge from domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants. The special filtration sacks are made from 'TNT' water repellent material which is very strong.

After a few hours of operation this type of sludge dewatering system can produce a dry solids content of 15-20% depending on the type of sludge.

The sludge needs to be conditioned with polyelectrolyte prior to dewatering. The volume of sludge that can be dewatered is dependent on the initial solids content, for a 1% dry solids input one machine can dewater up to 20m³ per day.

Once the initial sludge dewatering stage is complete the sacks are removed from the machine and can be stored in the open. The material allows dehydration of the content of the sacks but prevents rainwater ingress.

The Teknobag® Draimad® sludge dewatering system is a modular system which is available in 2,3,6,and 12 bag versions either manual under gravity or automatic with pressurised filtration. There is also a package unit which includes sludge conditioning, bag filling and draining all controlled by an integral control panel.

Features and Benefits

  • Dewaters any sludge that can be conditioned with polyelectrolyte.
  • Dramatically reduces the costs of sludge disposal, sludge mass can be decreased by 60 times.
  • Compact units made of ANSI304 stainless steel with small footprints not requiring special construction work to install.
  • Dry solid cake of 50-95% produced after second phase sludge dewatering.
  • Can treat as little as 2m³ up to 20m³ per day.
  • Low operating and maintenance costs, low consumption of electricity.
  • Pressurisation option available to double the capacity of the units.

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